Buidhnean Phàrant ~ Parent Groups

There are a number of parent groups working on behalf of the parents to support the school, the pupils and their families. If any of these groups are of interest to you, you’ll find them on Classlist.

Join! They’ll be happy to hear from you and you can keep up to date on the things that interest you.

Have an idea for a group of your own? Gaelic conversation? Baking? Feel free to set one up.

Active Travel & Road Safety

This group has been set up to share thoughts on initiatives for better road safety in the environs of the school and to draft and implement an Active Travel Plan.

Anti-Bullying, Anti-Racism and Equalities Group

This group has been set up to bring together families at TnP, to recognise and celebrate what we are as individuals and the strengths we each bring to our community as a whole. Working with the school, members of this group have an opportunity to influence policy change from the ground up.

ASL & ASN Group

This group has been created to provide a discussion and ideas space for families with additional support for learning and additional support needs.

ECO Group

The Eco Group works in tandem with the work the pupils are doing on all things eco, promoting sustainability and green thinking in school life and at home.

Events and Fundraising

One of the main aims of the Parent Council is to raise funds to support the school is its extracurricular activities, additional learning resources, school trips etc…

Parents organise a range of events throughout the year, including Summer & Christmas Fairs, Cinema Night, Halloween Disco, Ceilidhs and Concerts. Many heads are better than some when it comes to ideas and this group fosters and focuses them.

There are also a number of fundraising initiatives in place: 

The fundraising lottery is a fun and effective way to raise money for our school. Each ticket enters you into two draws every week – a guaranteed cash prize for one of our supporters, plus a jackpot prize draw for £25,000. For more information or to sign up, go to:


Do your shopping via Easyfundraising. It is one of the easiest ways to make money for the school as you shop. Log on at: https://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/bunsgoiltaobhnapirce/

Many heads are better than a few and all ideas are welcome!

If you have an idea for an event or you’d like to get involved with fundraising, email tnpfundraising@gmail.com

Lost Property Group

TnP has a wide catchment and there are some parents who never make it on to school grounds for drop off or pick up; if an item is lost it could be weeks before it’s noticed. A group of parents run the lost property group for the benefit of all. 

Every Friday they post on Facebook and ParentMail with a list and photos of lost items. Lost items can be claimed at any time by a parent or child from the lost property area just inside reception.

It’s a shared task, if you can spare a couple of hours every month to help out, this group would love to hear from you.

Mental Health & Well-being Group

This group is for parents who’d like to support the school in ensuring good mental health and well-being for our pupils.

In this group, parents share ideas and explore initiatives and strategies that could help the school deliver a successful mental health plan.

Playground & Gardening Group

This group works on developing the playground space and garden for the enjoyment and education of the children. They welcome new helpers to the group/ and donations of plants etc. They generally meet on Monday afternoons at 2pm. If you would like further information, find and join the group on Classlist.

Wraparound Group (and afterschool care)

The Wraparound Group brings all of those who want to keep up to date with and support wraparound care together. The group currently meets twice a year and everything is very informal and relaxed.

The Wraparound Group is actively looking for new members and anyone interested should find and join the group on Classlist.