Liostaichean puist-d ~ Communication

If you need to contact the Parent Council, please email:

The Parent Council communicates with parents in a number of ways:

  • ParentMail
  • The Class Reps via email
  • The closed Facebook group 
  • The Comann nam Pàrant blog

ParentMail is the system that the school uses to communicate with parents. If you are not already receiving Parent Mail and would like to be kept informed of the work of the school and the Parent Council, please contact the office:

The Class Rep is often the first point of contact between home and school. Ensuring your Class Rep has your email address allows swift communication in all things affecting your year group or class.

The Facebook Group is a closed forum on which the Parent Council can share information with families at Bun-sgoil Taobh na Pàirce, and provides a space for parents and carers to share information with each other. It is moderated by the Parent Council. To join, follow this link or paste: into your browser

There is no official mailing list because the parent forum is the Parent Council and any information that the post holders/comittee has to share is for the benefit of all parents.  That said, the parents at Taobh na Pàirce hold a wealth of experince, knowledge and skill that is invaluable to the pupils and staff so the Parent Counil keeps a databse of those keen to support the school in any way they can. To be added to the Comann nam Pàrant Dùn Èideann  database, please make a request via

Comann nam Pàrant (CnP) is the national organisation which offers advice and support on Gaelic medium education to parents. Comann nam Pàrant Dùn Èideann is the local group that represents parents and children across the Edinburgh and Lothians areas. They are working with parents on the plans for the development of a new Gaelic secondary school, a second primary school and increasing the provision for early years. We encorage all families of children in Gaelic Medium education to sign up to the mailing list so that they are informed and can contribute to the discussion and decision-making.