Coinneamhan ~ Meetings


File Description
pdf TnP Meeting Minutes March 29 2022 Minutes of the Parent Council March 2021
pdf Oganan 220322 Update
pdf Parent Council AGM Report 2022.docx Aithisg Coinneamh Choitcheann Bhliadhnail - 2022
pdf TnP Meeting Minutes (AGM) Feb 1 2022 Gearr-chunntas Coinneamh Choitcheann Bhliadhnail 2022
pdf TnP PC Meeting Minutes 10 November 2021 Gearr-chunntas coinneimh An t-Samhain​ 2021

Tha na gearr-chunntas coinneimh anns an duileag Sgrìobhainnean.

The minutes of the meetings are contained in the Documents page.

Comhairle nam Pàrant – Bun-sgoil Taobh na Pàirce

Details of the last meeting:

Wednesday 29th March (7.15-8.30 pm) – Parent Council Meeting (Microsoft TEAMs)

Thank you to all those who attended.

Details of the next meeting:

Wednesday 18th May (7.15-8.30 pm) – Parent Council Meeting (Microsoft TEAMs) 

Friday 20th May (10.15-11.15am) – Catch Up Meeting (Microsoft TEAMs) 

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