Ceistean Cumanta ~ FAQs / Parent’s Guide

The parent council has put together a list of the most common names, acronyms and terms that you will hear as parents of children in Gaelic Medium Education (GME) and incorporated answers to the most common questions. This information can also be downloaded

You will find more information on the school website: http://taobhnapairce.edin.sch.uk and in the school handbook http://www.taobhnapairce.edin.sch.uk/index.php/leabhar-laimhe-na-sgoile-school-handbook/

There are some useful Gaelic learning and support apps and websites below and educational resources and information on Gaelic learning and groups on the ‘Gaelic Resources’ document in the Parent Council Facebook group. Hard copies of these booklets are available in the school reception


If your child is absent from school, please leave a phone message on the school office’s answer phone 0131 553 5856 (option 1) before the start of the school day, confirming the reason for absence. If there is no explanation from a child’s parents, the absence will be regarded as unauthorised. There is more detail on the school policy for absence, including holiday and extended absence on page 14 of the school handbook

Active Schools  


Active Schools works with organisations and individuals, including PE staff, sports development officers and local clubs, to provide a wide range of opportunities connected to physical education, school sport and club sport. Taobh na Pàirce is in the North East – Drummond cluster

After school club

See Òganan

Apps & Gaelic Learning Support

There are a number of organisations offering support with Gaelic Learning. The resources available change all the time. The Parent Council has put together a ‘Support for Parents’ handbook, available in hard copy in the leaflet stands at reception. Contact the Chairs for a digital copy.   

These are a great start:

Abair Abairtean!

Aimed especially at parents with children in GME (early stages), the app has a range of simple phrases you can use in the home and outside playing. Each phrase has accompanying audio and “phonetic” spelling, as well as a colourful image.

There is an accompanying set of flashcards you can cut out, P1 families should have been given a set as part of the welcome event, or contact the Chairs for a digital copy.

Google Play


Beag air Bheag, Little by Little

Song, sounds, phrases, grammar, quick fixes, a taste of Scottish Gaelic for absolute beginners and programs for the more advanced.



Duolingo is a free language learning app. Learn Scottish Gaelic in just 5 minutes a day. For free!


Gaelic 4 Parents

An online Gaelic education resource for parents and children interested and involved in Gaelic education. This site is bursting with games, stories, audio and much more to help you enjoy the experience of learning Gaelic, whatever your age or ability and has audio recordings of most of the books your child will bring home from school


There is a really useful download of flashcards for common Gaelic phrases here


Gaelic Sight Words – Faclan Cumanta 1

Audio files for common words on the school website


Go Gaelic!

This site supports teachers following the Gaelic Language Learning (GLL) Training Course and who have little or no knowledge of Gaelic. The site has audio files and classroom resources that parents may find helpful



These happen once a week in the school hall. They are a chance for the Headteacher to pass on information to pupils, discuss a range of topics and celebrate achievements


If you want to know more about what your child is doing day to day, the blogs page is a good place to start! If the Blogs page is blank, hover over the Blogs menu button and select the relevant blog from the drop-down menu

Bòrd na Gàidhlig


Scotland’s national Gaelic language body, responsible for promoting the development of Gaelic language and culture

Breakfast Club

See Òganan

Break Time

At the time of writing, the school runs 2 break times. 10.30-10.45 for the younger ones and 10.35-10.50 for the older ones. For up to date timings, please contact the office


Bussing and Transport

All primary pupils who live within the City of Edinburgh Council area and more than two miles walking distance from Bun-sgoil Taobh na Pàirce are presently entitled to free transport to and from school. To apply or for more information, check the school website: https://www.taobhnapairce.edin.sch.uk/index.php/siubhal-transport/

If there is an issue with transport, the school will notify you via ParentMail. Should you need to follow up or need more information on the issue or to report a problem, please call:

9.00am – 4.15pm – The school office – 0131 553 5856

4.15pm – 5.00pm – The Council Travel Hub – 0131 553 5856

After 5.00pm – Edinburgh Council Switchboard – 0131 200 2000

CCwP – The Consultative Committee with Parents 

The Consultative Committee with Parents (CCwP) is a forum for Edinburgh Council to consult with Parent Councils. It exists so that Parent Councils can give their views on proposed council policies relating to education. The CCwP cannot make decisions that are binding to the Edinburgh Council.

The CCwP meets 4 times during the school year and comprises of:

• The Convenor and Director of the Children and Families department
• Councillors on the Education Committee
• Representatives of Head Teachers
• Representatives from Parent Councils within school clusters

For these meetings, Taobh na Pàirce is in the South East Cluster. If you would also like to check CCwP minutes, go into this link:


Or search CCwP Meetings on the Edinburgh Council Website 

Christmas cards 

Each year pupils get the chance to design their own Christmas card which is professionally printed. Parents/families can buy their child’s cards. This is a fun fundraiser for the school; it is run by the parent council and starts in the autumn term

Christmas fair/ Fèill na Nollaig

Held in early December in the school gym hall and has a range of stalls and a Santa Grotto. The fair is run by the parent council; it is a big fundraiser and lots of fun, if you’d like to help please join the Events & Fundraising Group on Classlist.

Comann nam Pàrant (CnP) – The National Organisation supporting parents and carers of Gaelic Learners


This national organisation offers advice and support on Gaelic medium education. CnP supports the school, the Parent Council and the parent body

We recommend you sign up to their mailing list here: http://gaelic-education.us4.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=9db9997f05e2731f69081512d&id=2b4d3fd0f0

Comhairle nam Pàrant – The Parent Council           


Supports the school in its development and its day to day life. Fosters a strong home/school connection. Updates the parent body about events and developments within the school and is the voice of the parents in the school.


The school contacts parents/carers via:

ParentMail: a secure email client also available as an App

School Blogs: on the blogs page of the school website. If the Blogs page is blank, hover over the Blogs menu button and select the relevant blog from the drop-down menu

Very occasionally letters or forms that require parent/career signatures are sent home in bags 

You are invited to contact the school by phone, letter or email. If your communication relates to a specific child, please contact initially the head of pastoral care for the relevant year group. The school website holds up to date information on the heads of pastoral care:


Phone:             0131 553 5856

Email:              admin@taobhnapairce.edin.sch.uk

Address:          139 Bonnington Rd, Edinburgh EH6 5NQ

The parent council contacts parents/carers via:

Classlist – The School will email you a joining link via ParentMail

ParentMail (occasionally)

The Class Reps via email

Cròileagan – Gaelic medium Playgroup


Playgroups for children under five to introduce Gaelic to young children and their parents and carers, through games and song



Easyfundraising turns your everyday online shopping into free donations for the school. Just start your online shopping first at easyfundraising, then shop as normal. Retailers make a small donation on top of every penny spent. Easy!


English Medium Education


See Communication. Facebook is not a form of home/school communication, please contact the school directly with any issues surrounding school policy, procedure and practice

First Aid

The school first aid and medicines policy and procedure can be found on page 30 of the school handbook

Free school meals

Information on free school meals can be found on page 18 of the school handbook

Fundraising & Events

The school produces a calendar at the start of the school year detailing the dates that have been confirmed in advance. Parents organise a range of events throughout the year, including Summer & Christmas Fairs, Cinema Night, Halloween Disco, Ceilidhs and Concerts. If you would like to get involved in any of our events or have an idea for something new for us to run, join the Events & Fundraising Group on Classlist.

Gaelic Learning Support

See ‘Apps & Gaelic Learning Support’

GIG – Gaelic Implementation Group

A mix of council employees, Gaelic representatives and parents, instrumental in shaping and informing the implementation of the Gaelic Language Plan

GLP – Gaelic Language Plan

A government provision committed to developing the use of the Gaelic language and sustaining it

GME – Gaelic Medium Education

Bun-Sgoil Taobh na Pàirce follows a GME curriculum

Gym bags

Send a gym kit, named in a bag with your child at the start of the year. They are usually stored on your child’s peg. Teachers often remind the pupils to take the kit home at the end of a term for you to wash it, though they are busy! A list of suitable kit can be found on page 16 of the school handbook


You can find term and holiday dates in the school calendar and on page 13 of the school handbook. There is more detail on the school policy for holiday, including absence and extended absence on page 14 of the school handbook


Reading homework goes home regularly, from C2 onwards, with the reading diary being used to share tasks and feedback between home and school. Some tasks may involve the use of the BookBug or Giglets online reading programmes. Homework mats for Numeracy and Mathematics and Gaelic Literacy are sent home each term. Page 60 of the school handbook has up to date information on homework.

In-Service Days

Days when staff are in but pupils are not, usually on Mondays or Tuesdays. The Edinburgh Council website holds up to date information on in-service days:


Lost Property

The school are keen that pupils learn the importance of taking responsibility for their belongings… But we also recommend that you label everything! The school lost property policy and procedure is:

  • A box for unnamed items is kept at front door of the school, opposite the janitors room. The box is accessible to parents/careers and pupils and can be checked regularly. Please remember to check lost property in Òganan too.
  • A small group of parents manage lost property on Friday mornings; date labelling items, taking pictures of lost items and sharing them on ParentMail, displaying lost property at school events and allocating items that have been in lost property for a month or more to pre-loved uniform for sale to other parents at the school, or to the national school uniform bank, or to charity
  • On the following Monday, the C7 reunite labelled items with their owners

If you would be able to help the lost property team, you can contact them via Classlist or email chairs@parantantaobhnapairce.org.uk

Lunches – Ordering

School lunches are ordered and paid for via ParentPay (more about ParentPay later in the guide). The ordering deadline is the end of Wednesday (at midnight) the week before lunches are taken. Lunches can be ordered up to 100 days in advance. More information can be found on page 18 of the school handbook. The current school dinner menu is available on the school website


Lunchtimes are staggered:

C1-C2 – 12:20 – 13:40

C6 – 12:00-12:45

C3 –7 – 12:20-13:00 – 12:20-13:05                 


If you wish, you can order milk for your child to have at school.  Milk is paid for in advance by term or for the whole year, pupils get a carton each day. Those getting free school meals (outside of P1-P3) can get milk free of charge too. Please contact the school office for more information


The school policy on medicine administration can be found on page 30 of the school handbook. There is a form to complete. No medication can be administered without the completed form. If your child needs medicine to be administered during school hours, please contact the school office in the first instance


Provides Edinburgh and the Lothians with a unique Gaelic-medium wraparound childcare facility for pre and primary school children

Parent Consultations

Parent consultations are arranged twice yearly for parents/carers to discuss progress with their child’s teacher. These are in autumn and in spring. The school will contact you when it is time to book an appointment

Parent Councilhttp://www.parantantaobhnapairce.org.uk/  

The Parent Council invites any parent or carer to get involved in a range of activities to benefit our children. We meet every term, but you don’t need to attend a meeting to get involved. Email chairs@parantantaobhnapairce.org.uk

Parent Groups

There are a number of parent groups working on behalf of the parents to support the school, the pupils and their families. If any of these groups are of interest to you, you’ll find them on Classlist.

Join! They’ll be happy to hear from you and you can keep up to date on the things that interest you.

Have an idea for a group of your own? Gaelic conversation? Baking? Feel free to set one up.

Active Travel & Road Safety Group

Additional Support for Learning (ASL) & Additional Support Needs (ASN) Group

Anti-Bullying, Anti-Racism and Equalities Group

Eco Group    

Events and Fundraising Group    

Lost Property Group   

Mental Health & Well-being Group

Playground Gardening group    

Wraparound Group (and afterschool care)

Find out more about the work of these groups on the Groups Page.


The system used by the school to collect money for school meals and to book school meals, inkling packed lunches for days out. The school will give you instructions on how to set up your ParentPay account. Please contact the school office if you are experiencing any difficulty with this system admin@taobhnapairce.edin.sch.uk

Pupil Council – Pupil Voice

Pupil Voice is the school Pupil Council, consisting of pupils from C1-7, meets regularly with the Head Teacher to take forward pupils’ views on all aspects of school life. Regular updates are posted on the blogs page and are part of the Headteacher updates at Parent Council meetings.

School Bus

The school has a wide catchment and you can apply for School Transport if your child’s main home address is within the City of Edinburgh Council area and its distance from the school is greater than 2 miles.

Edinburgh City Council School issues a Transport Application Form for each session, along with guidance notes and information. This form is to be completed electronically and submitted by email. 

Places on School Transport must be re-applied for each year.

Any issues with transport will be broadcast on ParentMail first. The Edinburgh Council Schools Transport Team will deal with any issue or adjustment to the school bus service.

The school office can be contacted on 0131 553 5856 before 4.15pm; the Schools Transport Team can be reached on 0131 229 2950 up until 5.00pm. In the unlikely event that you need to reach them after that time, please call the main council switchboard on 0131 200 2000

School Clubs

The parent council, the school and Active Schools collectively run a number of clubs and activities for pupils both in and out of school time, including sports, coding, languages and music

For more information check the school website http://www.taobhnapairce.edin.sch.uk/


If this page is blank, hover over the ‘Our School’ menu button and select ‘The Life of the School’ from the drop-down menu; or use these shortcuts:

MusicClàrsachNational Mòd

SportShinty Club

Or contact the office


If you have an idea for a new school club or activity, email chairs@parantantaobhnapairce.org.uk

School Hours


08:55 – 14:45 Monday to Thursday

08:55 – 12:30 Friday


08:55 – 15:20 Monday to Thursday

08:55 – 12:30 Friday

Please note that there is no supervision in the playground until 8:45 am

Sgoil-àraich AM

08:45 – 11:55 OR

08:30 – 12:30

Sgoil-àraich PM

12:35- 15:45

These times are correct at the time of writing. For the most up to date information, please check page 12 of the school handbook

School meals

See ‘Lunches – Ordering’

School photos

Photos are either taken of individuals and family groups or as full class portraits. The school will give advance notice of the date and type

School term

For term dates in the current school year, check the school calendar on the school website

Sgoil Àraich – Gaelic medium nursery


A council-run, Gaelic medium nursery, for children of 3+. Many children go on to Sgoil Àraich from Cròileagan, but it’s not compulsory

Sports Day

This is usually held in the summer. The school will confirm the date nearer to the event

School Lottery

The fundraising lottery is an effective way to raise money for our school. Each ticket enters you into two draws every week – a guaranteed cash prize for one of our supporters, plus a jackpot prize draw for £25,000. For more information or to sign up, go to: 

The Parent Body/Parent Forum

You, the parents


For current uniform guidelines, check the school website

Water bottle

We recommend your child brings in a full water bottle each day and we recommend that you name it!